Lithofin MN Wash & Clean
Lithofin Mn Wash & Clean

Lithofin Mn Wash & Clean

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Lithofin MN Wash & Clean: Effective Cleaning for Natural Stone

Lithofin MN Wash & Clean is the ideal choice for effectively cleaning your natural stone surfaces. Whether it's marble, granite, travertine, or another type of natural stone, this cleaner thoroughly removes dirt and stains.

Removes Dirt and Stains

This cleaner is specifically formulated to remove dirt, stains, and general soiling from your natural stone surfaces. It leaves your stone looking clean and fresh.

Safe to Use

Lithofin MN Wash & Clean is safe to use on your natural stone as it contains no harsh chemicals that could damage the stone. It's gentle on the stone but tough on dirt.

Easy to Apply

With clear instructions on the packaging, this cleaner is easy to apply, even if you are not a professional. You can clean your natural stone with confidence.

Suitable for Various Natural Stones

Lithofin MN Wash & Clean is suitable for use on various types of natural stone, making it a versatile choice for all your natural stone surfaces.

Invest in effective cleaning for your natural stone with Lithofin MN Wash & Clean and enjoy a clean and fresh appearance in your spaces. Order now and experience the convenience of effective cleaning!

Lithofin MN Wash & Clean provides effective cleaning for your natural stone surfaces. Order today for a radiantly clean stone!

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A mildly alkaline cleaning concentrate for natural stone.
For regular maintenance of all marble and natural stone surfaces.
Add it to mop water to clean floors and surfaces.
Yes, it is suitable for polished, ground and rough natural stone.
Consumption varies, but is very economical in use.
Yes, the tensides are biodegradable.
Store cool and sealed, up to approx. 5 years.
Yes, it is suitable for both natural stone and concrete stone.
Yes, it is suitable for the regular maintenance of natural stone.