Cleaning for Every Surface | Lithofin Products for around the Home

Cleaning for Every Surface | Lithofin Products for around the Home

Lithofin Products for around the Home offer cleaning and maintenance products for both indoors and outdoors, perfect for various surfaces.


    Lithofin HOME Products for around the Home

    Lithofin Compact Set voor keramische bladen
    Lithofin Compact Set for Ceramic Countertops
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    Lithofin Compact Set Natuursteen en Composiet
    Lithofin Compact Set for Natural Stone and Composite
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    Lithofin Kunststofreiniger
    Lithofin Plastic Cleaner
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    Lithofin Krachtreiniger
    Lithofin Power Cleaner
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    Lithofin Compact Set KF Badkamer
    Lithofin Compact Set KF Bathroom
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    Lithofin Inox-Clean
    Lithofin Inox-Clean
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    Lithofin HOME Products for around the Home: Versatile Solutions for Daily Use

    What Does Lithofin HOME Offer?

    Lithofin HOME provides a comprehensive range of products for daily and thorough cleaning around the home. These products are developed to be safe and effective on various surfaces such as floors, kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas. They offer solutions for cleaning, protecting, and maintaining both hard surfaces and fabrics, making them a must-have for every household.

    Features and Benefits

    The Lithofin HOME series stands out for its versatility and effectiveness. Products like the all-purpose cleaner, stain remover, and mold remover are specially formulated to meet household cleaning needs without harmful chemicals. They are user-friendly and provide powerful action against dirt and stains while also providing long-lasting protection against everyday wear and tear.

    Usage Instructions

    For the best results with Lithofin HOME products, follow the specific instructions on each product. For regular cleaning tasks, a diluted solution of the all-purpose cleaner can be used. For stubborn stains or mold, there are more powerful formulas available that can be applied directly to the affected area. Regular use of these products helps keep your home clean and hygienic.

    Safety and Sustainability

    Lithofin HOME products are developed with a focus on both safety and sustainability. The ingredients are selected based on their low impact on the environment and their non-harmful effects on humans. This makes the Lithofin HOME line ideal for families who are conscious of their health and the planet.

    Why Choose Lithofin HOME?

    Choosing Lithofin HOME means investing in quality products that are reliable, safe, and effective. These products are designed to meet the high demands of modern households, making them an excellent choice for daily maintenance and deep cleaning. The diversity of products ensures that there is a suitable solution for every cleaning task.

    • Offers a complete range of household cleaning products.
    • Suitable for various surfaces and materials.
    • Products are environmentally friendly and safe for home use.
    • Effective against dirt, stains, and mold.
    • Ideal for regular maintenance and thorough cleaning.


    Een alles-in-een onderhoudsset voor het reinigen en beschermen van keramische werkbladen.
    Voor het onderhoud van natuurstenen en composieten oppervlakken, bevat reiniger en beschermer.
    Een intensieve reiniger voor hardnekkige vervuilingen binnenshuis, zoals vet en olie.
    Ja, het is geschikt voor alle kunststoffen binnen en buiten, inclusief tuinmeubilair en kozijnen.
    Voor de totale verzorging van de badkamer, inclusief reiniging en bescherming van de oppervlakken.
    Een reinigings- en onderhoudsspray voor roestvrijstalen oppervlakken, verwijdert vingerafdrukken en vuil.
    Regelmatig gebruik houdt oppervlakken schoon en beschermd; de frequentie hangt af van gebruik en noodzaak.
    Ja, voor dieptereiniging van keukenbladen en andere oppervlakken die grondige reiniging vereisen.
    Lithofin biedt zowel producten voor thuisgebruik als professionele verwerkers in hun assortiment.
    Beschikbaar op, bieden ze een reeks schoonmaak- en onderhoudsproducten voor thuisgebruik.