Lithofin MN Vuiloplosser
Lithofin MN dirt solver

Lithofin MN dirt solver

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Looking for a powerful, completely natural cleaner for your marble and stone surfaces? Look no further than Lithofin MN dirt solver! This strong formula is perfect for removing construction waste, general pollution, and fat residues, while also soft enough to use on inner and outer surfaces. Moreover, it is ideal for old, polluted floors! With Lithofin Vuilplosser, you get your surfaces sparkling in no time - without aggressive chemicals. So why wait? Try this great product today and see the results for yourself!

  • Your floors clean in a few minutes
  • Cleaning marble and stone has never been easier!
  • Remove construction waste, general dirt and fat with this powerful cleaner.
  • This is the best natural cleaner for old polluted floors.
  • Try our product today to see great results!

Lithofin Lithofin MN 


A specially developed mild alkaline cleaning agent for marble and natural stone.
For removing oil, grease, gloss layers, light cement residue and general contamination from marble and natural stone.
Depending on the contamination, use pure or diluted, apply, scrub if necessary and rinse with water.
Yes, it is suitable for both polished and finely ground marble and natural stone.
Approximately 5-10 m²/liter depending on the degree of contamination.
Yes, the tensides are biodegradable.
Store closed, cool and frost-free, shelf life up to approximately 3 years.
Yes, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Available at specialized stores and
Yes, it is effective for removing general contaminants and light cement film.