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Lithofin MN Care-Seal

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Lithofin MN Shine and Clean: For Radiant Natural Stone Surfaces

Lithofin MN Shine and Clean is your partner for maintaining the radiant beauty of your natural stone surfaces. Whether it's marble, granite, travertine, or another type of natural stone, this product combination ensures a clean and shiny finish.

Effective Cleaning

This product combination includes a cleaner that removes dirt and stains from your natural stone, keeping the surface clean and fresh. It restores the original shine of your stone.

Long-lasting Shine

Lithofin MN Shine and Clean also includes a product that leaves a protective layer, enhancing and preserving the shine of your natural stone. Your surfaces will remain radiant for longer.

Safe and Gentle

Both products are mild and safe for use. They contain no harsh chemicals that could damage your natural stone. You can clean with peace of mind and maintain the shine.

Easy to Use

With clear instructions on the packaging, these products are easy to apply. You do not need professional experience to maintain your natural stone.

Suitable for Various Natural Stones

Lithofin MN Shine and Clean is suitable for use on various types of natural stone, making it a versatile choice for all your natural stone surfaces.

Invest in the shine and beauty of your natural stone with Lithofin MN Shine and Clean and enjoy radiant surfaces for longer. Order now and experience the convenience of effective maintenance!

Lithofin MN Shine and Clean offers the perfect combination for maintaining the beauty of your natural stone. Order today for a radiant appearance of your surfaces!

  • Make your floors shine like new
  • Brings back the shine of your polished stone floors
  • A cleaner that is perfect for all types of stone floors
  • Get more beautiful and fuller stone floors with regular use

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A care product for natural and concrete stone that increases shine and deepens color.
Suitable for marble, granite, natural stone and concrete stone.
Apply with a cloth or mop and then polish.
Yes, it has been specially developed for polished stone surfaces.
Regular use is recommended for best results.
It provides protection, increases shine and deepens the color of the stone.
Drying time is approximately 30-40 minutes.
Yes, it contains biodegradable ingredients.
Store it cool, frost-free and closed.
Available at specialized stores and