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Lithofin KF Maintenance Cleaner

Lithofin KF Maintenance Cleaner

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Lithofin KF Maintenance Cleaner: For Long-Lasting Beauty

Lithofin KF Maintenance Cleaner is the ideal choice to maintain the beauty of your tiles and natural stone surfaces. This maintenance cleaner ensures a long-lasting and carefree appearance.

Daily Cleaning and Protection

Designed for daily use, this maintenance cleaner removes dirt, dust, and light stains while leaving behind a protective layer that helps prevent new soiling.

Extend the Life of Your Surfaces

Regular use of Lithofin KF Maintenance Cleaner extends the life of your tiles and natural stone. It prevents premature wear and maintains their original shine.

Easy to Use

With clear instructions on the packaging, this maintenance cleaner is easy to apply. You can confidently clean and protect your surfaces, knowing you will achieve excellent results.

Suitable for Various Surfaces

This maintenance cleaner is suitable for use on various surfaces, including natural stone, ceramic tiles, and more. It is versatile and effective in preserving the original beauty of your surfaces.

Invest in long-lasting beauty and protection with Lithofin KF Maintenance Cleaner. Order now and enjoy a radiant and carefree living environment!

Lithofin KF Maintenance Cleaner offers daily cleaning and protection for your surfaces. Order today for a long-lasting and carefree appearance!

  • The easiest way to clean your floors
  • Get rid of grease and dirt in one simple step
  • Perfect for a variety of surfaces

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An alkaline cleaning agent specifically for ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles.
For daily cleaning of ceramic tile floors.
Dilute it with water and use it for mopping floors.
Yes, but always test on an inconspicuous area first.
Suitable for regular use.
Store it in a cool, dry place, shelf life up to 5 years.
Yes, it contains biodegradable surfactants.
Yes, it is suitable for use in cleaning machines.
Approximately 20 ml per 8 liters of water.
Available at specialized stores and on