Lithofin Cotto Brilliant/glansmilk

Lithofin Cotto Brilliant/Gloss Milk

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Lithofin Cotto Brilliant/Glansmilk: For a Shiny Finish on Your Cotto Floors

Lithofin Cotto Brilliant/Glansmilk is the perfect solution to rejuvenate your tiles. Whether you have tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere in the house, this glansmilk is here to make your tiles shine.

An Easy Way to Shine

The secret of this glansmilk lies in its simple application. With clear instructions on the packaging, using it is effortless. You don't need to be a professional tile cleaner to achieve brilliant results.

Protect and Beautify Simultaneously

Lithofin Cotto Brilliant/Glansmilk not only makes your tiles shine but also provides protection. It forms a protective layer against dirt and stains, keeping your tiles beautiful for longer.

Suitable for Various Tile Types

This glansmilk is suitable for different types of tiles, including cotto, terracotta, and other porous tiles. It is versatile and effective in enhancing and protecting your floor and wall tiles.

Invest in Tile Care

Your tiles play a crucial role in the appearance of your home. With Lithofin Cotto Brilliant/Glansmilk, you invest in the care of your tiles and preserve their natural beauty.

With Lithofin Cotto Brilliant/Glansmilk, you can make your tiles shine again. Order now and enjoy the renewed shine in your home!

Give your tiles a new shine and protection with Lithofin Cotto Brilliant/Glansmilk. Order today and see the difference!

  • Waxing your floor can be hard work
  • But with this product, you get the shine of wax without the hassle
  • This is not just any ordinary floor wax - it's a brilliant floor wax!
  • Try it on your kitchen tiles to see how effective it is!
  • Get ready for people to ask where you got that beautiful shine!

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It is a protective and maintenance product for terracotta floors, based on water-soluble waxes and polymers.
For refreshing and protecting wax-treated floors of Cotto clay tiles and terracotta, suitable for indoor use.
It can be added to cleaning water or applied pure, depending on the condition of the floor.
Periodically, depending on wear and the need for gloss renewal.
It improves the appearance, deepens the color, and increases the protection of the floor.
Yes, after drying, the surface can be polished by machine or by hand for extra gloss.
Approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on the temperature.
Cool, frost-free, and tightly sealed; it is shelf-stable for about 3 years.
The ingredients are biodegradable and it does not contain phosphates.
The product is harmless after drying, but should be kept out of reach of children.