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Lithofin Allex 5 liter

Lithofin Allex

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Lithofin ALLEX: Powerful Green Stain Remover for Outdoors

Lithofin ALLEX is a powerful green stain remover that effectively removes green stains from outdoor terraces, facades, roofs, and walkways.

Concentrated and Economical

This product is a concentrate and extremely economical to use. Even when diluted, it maintains its strong effectiveness, meaning you can achieve impressive results with less product.

No Chlorine or Acid

Lithofin ALLEX does not contain chlorine or acid, making it safe for use on all outdoor stone surfaces.

Easy to Use

This green stain remover is easy to apply and provides an effective solution for removing green stains.

Invest in Lithofin ALLEX for effective removal of green stains and enjoy a clean and fresh outdoor environment. Order now and experience the convenience of powerful cleaning!

  • Concentrated, extremely economical, strong effectiveness when diluted
  • Contains no chlorine or acid
  • Cleans all outdoor stone surfaces

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Lithofin ALLEX is a special cleaner for outdoor use, designed for cleaning natural and concrete stone surfaces.
It is used to clean and remove green deposits on various outdoor surfaces such as stairs, paths, terraces, walls, facades, roofs, and more.
Dilute Lithofin ALLEX with water (250ml per 10 litres) and apply by spraying, pouring, brushing or scrubbing without rinsing.
Wear protective gloves, clothing, eye and face protection, and avoid direct contact with plants.
It has a deep effect with a preventive effect that lasts for several months.
Yes, it contains biodegradable surfactants and is phosphate-free.
The product has a shelf life of approximately 5 years if kept cool and closed.
Consumption varies from 20-50 m²/Litre when used with a watering can to approximately 150 m²/Litre when used with a garden sprinkler.
Yes, it is also suitable for wooden fences, sleepers, garden furniture, etc.
Follow local and national regulations for disposal of contents and packaging.