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Lithofin Active Cleaner: Thorough Cleaning for Various Surfaces

Lithofin Active Cleaner is the ideal choice for effectively cleaning various surfaces. Whether it's natural stone, concrete, ceramic, or other materials, this cleaner thoroughly removes dirt, stains, and general contamination.

Removes Dirt and Stains

This cleaner is specially formulated to remove dirt, stains, and general contamination from your surfaces, leaving your materials looking clean and fresh.

Safe to Use

Lithofin Active Cleaner is safe to use on different materials without causing damage. It does not contain aggressive chemicals that can harm your surfaces.

Easy to Apply

With clear instructions on the packaging, this cleaner is easy to apply, even if you're not a professional tradesperson. You can confidently clean your surfaces.

Suitable for Various Materials

Lithofin Active Cleaner is suitable for use on different materials, making it a versatile choice for all your cleaning needs.

Invest in effective cleaning for your various surfaces with Lithofin Active Cleaner and enjoy a clean and fresh look in your spaces. Order now and experience the convenience of effective cleaning!

Lithofin Active Cleaner offers effective cleaning for various surfaces. Order today for a sparkling clean environment!

  • The best cleaner for outdoor surfaces
  • Removes the toughest dirt in minutes
  • Works on all natural stone, tiles, and concrete
  • A powerful cleaner ready to use straight from the bottle

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Lithofin Active Cleaner is a cleaning agent for ceramic tiles, natural and concrete stone.
It is used for cleaning outdoor surfaces such as terraces, balconies, stairs, and walls.
The product can be applied undiluted with a mister or similar tool and should then be worked in with a scrub brush.
Depending on the degree of contamination, let it work for 2-10 hours, or overnight for very stubborn contamination.
Protect adjacent surfaces and materials, and prevent contact with textiles and plants.
Use the product at temperatures between 10°C and 25°C, not on heated surfaces.
Store it closed, upright, cool and dark, preferably below 20°C, and consume within 6 months.
The surfactants in the product are biodegradable according to EU regulations.
Wear protective gloves and eye protection, and avoid mixing with other products.
Empty packaging can be recycled through recognized channels, following local waste disposal guidelines.