Woca Invisible Primer

Woca Invisible Primer

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Say goodbye to dull wooden surfaces with Woca Invisible Primer! Keep your wooden furniture nice and new with this water-based product. Show the full potential of all your wooden pieces - in just one simple step! This primer is designed to be applied as a preparatory coat before Woca Invisible Oil to ensure you get the highest quality finish for your furniture. Plus, it's suitable for both treated and untreated surfaces, so you can be sure that every piece you own will look as good as new. Get creative and show what your wooden furniture can do when you provide it with Woca Invisible Primer. It will be an amazing transformation that is anything but invisible!

  • Keep your wooden furniture nice and new
  • Apply as a preparatory layer before Woca Invisible Oil
  • Suitable for both treated and untreated surfaces
  • Get creative with the finishes you can achieve with this primer

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