Lithofin Resin-EX

Lithofin Resin-Ex

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Lithofin Resin-Ex is a powerful and effective cleaner that easily removes all the remains of epoxy joints and other contaminants such as resins, seals, oil, fat, paint, plastic films, etc. It is specially formulated to be safe and soft for all vowel and ceramic surfaces, rough natural stone such as granite, gneis, quartzite and concrete. This versatile cleaner is also very suitable for cleaning surfaces of concrete stone.

  • Easily removes all the remains of epoxy joints
  • Safe and soft for all vowel and ceramic surfaces
  • Cleans concrete brick surfaces in an instant

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A special gel for removing epoxy paving joint mortar and resin residues.
For removing epoxy resin, grout, oil, grease, paint, varnish and other organic substances.
Apply the product with a brush or scrubber to dry surfaces and allow to work.
Suitable for clinkers, ceramic tiles and rough natural stone such as granite and gneiss.
The application time varies from 20-30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the application and temperature.
Store cool and closed, shelf life up to 2 years.
Yes, the tensides are biodegradable according to EU regulations.
Consumption varies, with approximately 5 m²/kg for plaster joint mortar and up to 20 m² per liter for glazed tiles.
Available at specialist stores and online.
Yes, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.