Lithofin MN Protector voor Blauwe Hardsteen

Lithofin my protector for bluestone

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Lithofin my protector for bluestone is the ideal solution for spill and stain protection on your freestone surfaces. This water -based treatment is safe for regular use and is harmless to health, making it perfect for houses with children and pets. Lithofin my protector for bluestone is an invisible barrier on your surfaces that repels oil, fat and water, making cleaning a breeze. This product is easy to use, just rub in the surface and let it dry - there is no need for messy layers or dangerous fumes. Plus, this treatment is completely odorless. Protect your investment with Lithofin my protector for bluestone.

  • Your stone deserves better than water and soap
  • Keep your stone clean with a protective barrier against spilling, fat, oil and more
  • Do not run the risk of ruining a beautiful surface: protect it with Lithofin my protector for blue stone today!

Lithofin Lithofin MN 


A maintenance product for protecting bluestone against water, oil and grease.
For bluestone surfaces such as kitchen worktops, windowsills and tables.
Apply it undiluted with a clean cloth, evenly and thinly, and rub it in.
Yes, but always test in an inconspicuous place.
Drying time is approximately 1 hour, fully effective after approximately 48 hours.
About 10-20 m² per liter, depending on the surface.
Yes, the product is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
Store it frost-free, cool and closed, with a shelf life of approximately 1 year.
The product is specifically for bluestone, so test on other types of stone.
Available and at specialized stores.