Lecol OH-22 Oil Care

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Lecol OilCare OH22: Essential Maintenance for Oiled Wooden Floors

What is Lecol OilCare OH22

Lecol OilCare OH22 is an excellent water-based maintenance oil designed for the care of oiled wooden floors. This product is free from solvents and soaps, and helps to maintain the natural, matte appearance of your floors. This ready-to-use product is an ideal solution for fully or partially maintaining your oiled floors. Suitable for parquet and other wooden floors treated with oxidative drying oil, but not for floors treated with hard wax oil or UV oil.

How the Product Works

Lecol OilCare OH22 is used directly from the packaging without dilution. Before application, the floor should be dust-free. Then apply the oil thinly and evenly with a lint-free cloth. Ensure that the product is thoroughly rubbed in until it becomes transparent and avoid puddling. For heavily soiled floors, first clean with Lecol Intense Cleaner OH27 or Lecol Soap Naturel OH23 before applying the maintenance oil.

Benefits and Features

Lecol OilCare OH22 is ideal for maintaining the natural appearance of your floor. The product is water-based, solvent-free, and soap-free, ensuring safe use without harmful fumes. The drying time of the oil is approximately 4-6 hours, and the floor is fully loadable after overnight drying. This ensures an efficient maintenance process with minimal disruption to your daily activities.

Instructions for Use

Before applying Lecol OilCare OH22, the floor should be free from dust and grease. Apply the oil at room temperature for best results. After application, the floor should dry for at least 2 days before it can be cleaned with moisture. Regular floor maintenance contributes to longevity and appearance. Depending on usage intensity and level of soiling, Lecol OilCare OH22 can be applied an average of 5-12 times per year.

Safety Instructions

Although Lecol OilCare OH22 is safe to use, it is important to take some precautions. Always store the product in the original, tightly closed packaging and out of reach of children. Avoid discharge into the environment. Oil-soaked cloths can cause spontaneous combustion, so they should be kept in a sealed container or stored underwater.

  • Water-based and solvent-free.
  • Suitable for all oiled wooden floors except those treated with hard wax oil or UV oil.
  • Maintains the natural matte appearance of wood.
  • Quick drying and ready to use.
  • Safe for use in domestic environments.


Lecol OH-22 Oil Care es un aceite de mantenimiento a base de agua y libre de solventes, especialmente desarrollado para el cuidado de suelos de madera tratados con aceite.
Este aceite es adecuado para parquet y otros suelos de madera tratados con aceite de secado oxidativo.
Haga que el suelo esté libre de polvo y aplique el aceite fina y uniformemente con un paño sin pelusa. Frote hasta que el producto se vuelva transparente y nivele el exceso de material.
La frecuencia de uso depende de la suciedad y la intensidad de uso del suelo, en promedio de 5 a 12 veces al año.
No, no es adecuado para suelos tratados con aceite de cera dura, suelos aceitados con UV o suelos lacados.
El suelo es transitable después de 4-6 horas y completamente cargable después de secar durante la noche.
Limpie los suelos con suciedad obstinada primero con Lecol Soap Naturel OH23 y para suelos muy sucios use Lecol Intense Cleaner OH27.
Almacene el producto en el envase original y cerrado en un lugar libre de heladas por encima de 5 ºC. Mantener fuera del alcance de los niños.
No, Lecol OH-22 Oil Care está listo para usar y no debe diluirse.
Guarde los paños empapados de aceite en un recipiente cerrado o bajo el agua para evitar la combustión espontánea.