Boneco air washer W 200

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Looking for a way to improve air quality in your home? The Boneco air washer W 200 is exactly what you need! This innovative device uses a rotating evaporation mat of special plastic to purify the air by removing dust particles and evaporating "soft water". Your house will not only be free of harmful substances in the air, but it will also feel fresher and comfortable. Give your family today the gift of clean air with the Boneco air washer W 200.

    • Easy to clean, dishwasher resistant parts
    • Proceeds: approx. 350-500 grams/hour
    • Power 13-23 Watt
    • Range: up to 150 m3
    • Reservoir Content: 4.5 liters
    • Weight: 5 kg
    • Dimensions: L x B x H = 28 x 28 x 41.2 cm
    • Tank to fill directly with water at the location
    • Sound: Whisper quiet, Stand 1 <25 dB (A)
    • Version in white
    • The best air humidifier Wasser we've ever had.
    • Ideal for your wooden floor or to prevent your piano.
    • Suitable for bedroom or living room
    • Effective up to 150 m3) approx. 60 m2.
    • Washable evaporation filter
    • ISS 7017 Silver Stick to replace per 1 or 2 years of use.


    Descaling the humidifier is an easy job what you have to do per 1-2 months.

    1. Fill the tank of the W 200 with water.
    2. Add what descaler Toe.
    3. Let the machine and half an hour.
    4. Throw the water out of the tank and fill the tank with clean water again.
    5. Add a little bit of detergent (for the white wash) to the tank and leave the machine for half an hour
      to spin.
    6. The mat is now clean, rinse the tank and the mat under the tap or in the shower.
    7. Fill the tank again with clean water and the humidifier can now easily run for 1-2 months before another descaling turn is needed.

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