Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil

Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil

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Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil: Essential Care for Oiled Parquet

Introduction to Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil

Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil is designed to protect and restore all oiled parquet floors, whether finished on-site or factory-oiled. Regardless of the finish, whether traditional or water-based, this maintenance oil provides quick and efficient application without the need for polishing. It is available in both satin and matte shades, and thanks to the spray format, the product can be sprayed directly onto the surface to be treated, providing ease of use and a fast drying time of just 20 minutes, making the spaces quickly usable again.

Functioning of Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil

Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil refreshes dull parquet floors without altering their original appearance. It offers excellent restorative power and outstanding adhesion to all oiled finishes. Due to its composition, it is very easy to apply, non-slip, and odorless, making it a pleasant choice for indoor use.

Benefits and Features

This product is ideal for maintaining parquet and wooden floors treated with Blanchon oils such as HARDWAXOLIE, PARKETOLIE, and SOLID'OIL™, as well as factory-oiled parquet floors. It provides a dust-repellent layer and leaves no slippery residues, making it safe to use. Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil is available in 0.5L spray and 1L can, making application even easier.

Instructions for Use

The floor must be clean and dry before applying the oil. After dusting with a broom or vacuum cleaner, and cleaning and degreasing with Blanchon Natural Soap or Lagoon®, Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil can be applied directly. Shake the spray well before use and spray it directly onto the floor, then immediately wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth. The drying time is approximately 15/20 minutes, after which the floor can be walked on again.

Maintenance and Renovation

For regular cleaning, use a damp broom with Blanchon Natural Soap or Lagoon®. For deep cleaning, use Blanchon Powerful Cleaner. In case of significant wear or damage, localized renovation may be necessary by applying the original oil to sanded areas. For complete renovation, sanding and re-oiling of the floor is recommended.

  • Fast drying time of 20 minutes
  • Available in satin and matte
  • Odorless and easy to use
  • Suitable for all oiled parquet floors
  • Provides a dust-repellent protection