Blanchon Lagoon Cleaner

Blanchon Lagoon Cleaner

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Blanchon Lagoon®: For a Flawless Floor

Introducing Blanchon Lagoon®

Blanchon Lagoon® is your ideal partner for the daily cleaning of wooden floors, including traditionally lacquered parquet, oiled parquet, pre-lacquered or pre-oiled floating parquet. This product is also excellent for laminated, melamine, and plastic floors. Lagoon® guarantees efficient cleaning that preserves the original appearance of the floor without leaving any traces. Thanks to its advanced detergent formula, rinsing is not necessary, increasing ease of use.

How Blanchon Lagoon® Works

Blanchon Lagoon® is enriched with advanced detergents that ensure a clean, streak-free floor. The product is designed to withstand frequent use, making it perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic, such as living rooms and public spaces. The simple application - either spraying directly onto the floor or onto a microfiber cloth - and fast drying time make Lagoon® an efficient solution for maintaining your floors.

Benefits and Features

The strength of Blanchon Lagoon® lies in its ability to clean efficiently without damaging the surface. The product is rich in detergents, eliminating the need for rinsing and leaving no traces behind. This makes Lagoon® ideal for maintaining the original look of your floor. Additionally, the product is suitable for a wide range of floor types, making it a versatile choice for any household or business.

Instructions for Use

For optimal results with Blanchon Lagoon®, start by removing dust from the floor (using a vacuum cleaner or broom). Shake the bottle well before use and spray Lagoon® onto a section of the floor. Clean with a well-wrung microfiber cloth, sponge mop, or mop, ensuring the material is not too wet to prevent excessive moisture. Continue the treatment throughout the rest of the space. The use of Lagoon® requires no rinsing; simply let the product dry.

Practical Information

The drying time of Blanchon Lagoon® is only 10 minutes, allowing rooms to be quickly returned to use. With a consumption of approximately 200 m² per ½ liter, Lagoon® is an economical choice for maintaining your floors. To maintain a dull lacquer layer, you can regularly apply BLANCHON POLISH Satin or Matte after cleaning with Lagoon®.

  • Efficient cleaning without traces
  • Suitable for a wide range of floor types
  • No rinsing required
  • Ideal for frequent cleaning
  • Quick dry and non-slip