Stadler Form Roger Little Air Cleaner

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Looking for an air cleaner who can handle small spaces? Look no further than the Stadler Form Roger Little air cleaner. This powerful small machine is perfect for filtering spaces up to 33 m2 and removes pollutants, gases, scents, pollen, viruses and bacteria. The air cleaner continuously measures air quality and immediately detects unpleasant scents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so that you can always breathe calmly in the knowledge that your air is clean and healthy. And if the air quality happens to deteriorate, the air quality indicator changes color, so you know that it is time to give Roger a push. In the intelligent automatic mode, the Roger Little air cleaner will also automatically adjust its cleaning performance to current needs. So whether your space is slightly polluted or downright filthy, with this air cleaner you are in the right place. Moreover, it is equipped with a slim design so that it comes into its own in every room. Don't let bad air down - buy another Stadler Form Roger Little Air Cleaner today!