Oli Lacke Oli Aqua 1K Prime 15.81

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Oli Aqua 1K Prime 15.81: Optimal Preparation for Your Parquet Floor

What is Oli Aqua 1K Prime 15.81

Oli Aqua 1K Prime 15.81 is a water-based one-component primer specially developed for the thorough preparation of parquet and wooden floors. This primer minimizes the risk of lateral bonding of the wood lamellae, making it ideal for use on floors with underfloor heating or on critical floors such as edge-grain lamellae and wide planks.

How the product works

This primer works by applying a thin but effective layer that fills the wood and prepares it for further finishing. It ensures better adhesion of the finishing layers and enhances the natural color of the wood without weighing down the surface. Its water-based formula makes it less harmful to the environment and safe for indoor use.

Benefits and Properties

Oli Aqua 1K Prime 15.81 is easy to apply and dries quickly, allowing the floor to be further finished quickly. The product is compatible with all Oli-Aqua parquet lacquers, providing versatile application possibilities and excellent results with any finish.

Instructions for Use

The primer should be applied at a temperature of at least 15°C and optimal humidity. Before application, prepare the substrate well by sanding and degreasing. Apply the primer evenly with a roller, using approximately 100 g/m². Recoating can be done after 2-3 hours of drying without intermediate sanding.


Oli Aqua 1K Prime 15.81 provides a solid foundation for finishing your parquet and wooden floors, with a fast drying time and improved adhesion for subsequent layers.

  • Minimizes lateral bonding, ideal for critical wooden floors.
  • Fast drying and easy to apply.
  • Improves adhesion and the natural appearance of wood.


It is a water-based one-component primer for parquet and wooden floors, designed to improve the adhesion of finishing layers and minimize lateral bonding.
Apply it to a well-prepared substrate by sanding and degreasing. Use a roller and apply approximately 100 g/m² evenly.
The primer dries within 2-3 hours and can be recoated without intermediate sanding.
Yes, it is a water-based formula that is less harmful to the environment and safe for indoor use.
Yes, it is ideal for floors with underfloor heating and other critical wooden floors.
The consumption is approximately 100 g/m².
No, intermediate sanding is not necessary if the next layer is applied within 2-3 hours.
Store the primer in a cool, dry place, protected from frost.
Use a roller to apply the primer evenly.
It offers fast drying time, improved adhesion for finishing layers, maintains the natural wood color, and minimizes lateral bonding.