mFLOR Polish Mat

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mFLOR Polish Mat: Optimal Protection and Maintenance for Your Floor

What is mFLOR Polish Mat

mFLOR Polish Mat is a specially developed maintenance product for floors with a matte finish. This product provides protection against wear and helps to maintain the original appearance of the floor by adding a protective layer.

How the Product Works

mFLOR Polish Mat works by applying a thin, protective layer to the floor that helps reduce scratches and makes the floor easier to clean. The polish strengthens the joints between the tiles, improves moisture resistance, and extends the floor’s lifespan.

Benefits and Properties

This product is ideal for maintaining mFLOR floors and other floors with a matte finish. It not only protects against daily wear but also ensures that dirt and streaks are easier to remove. Regular use of mFLOR Polish Mat will improve the overall appearance and durability of your floor.

Directions for Use

Before use, ensure that the floor is clean and dry. Apply the polish undiluted with a wax spreader or mop in a thin, even layer. Let the first layer dry for 1.5 hours before applying the second layer. After applying the second layer, let the floor dry for another 3 hours before it is fully load-bearing.


mFLOR Polish Mat is an essential maintenance product for anyone who wants to keep their matte floor in optimal condition. It provides effective protection against daily use and helps to maintain the natural appearance of your floor.

  • Provides a protective layer against scratches and wear.
  • Makes cleaning easier and improves moisture resistance.
  • Extends the lifespan and maintains the matte appearance of the floor.


mFLOR Polish Mat is a protective polish for mFLOR floors with a matte finish, designed to protect the floor and repair minor scratches.
Shake the bottle well and apply mFLOR Polish Mat undiluted with a mop or wax spreader in a thin, even layer. Let it dry and apply a second layer after 1.5 hours. Then let the floor dry for 3 hours.
Using mFLOR Polish Mat provides better protection for your floor, makes it easier to remove dirt and scuff marks, and improves the floor’s moisture resistance.
It is recommended to apply mFLOR Polish Mat once a year as part of regular maintenance.
mFLOR Polish Mat is specifically developed for mFLOR vinyl floors with a matte finish. Results may vary when used on other types of floors.
One bottle of 750 ml is sufficient for 12.5 m², as two layers need to be applied. The consumption is 25 m² per layer.
Yes, mFLOR Polish Mat is safe for use in households with children and pets, provided the product is used and stored correctly.
First remove any residual material and dry dirt, thoroughly clean the floor with mFLOR Cleaner Mat, and ensure the floor is completely dry before applying mFLOR Polish Mat.
Store the product in a sealed original packaging in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children.
Applying too little polish can result in a glossier, patchy floor. Make sure to use enough polish as recommended to ensure an even, matte finish.