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Lithofin Stekstop Plus

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Looking for a product to protect your ceramic, natural or concrete stone surfaces? Look no further than Lithofin Vlekstop Plus! This ready-made formula is perfect for light to moderately absorbent surfaces such as granite, gneis, quartzite, slate and limestone. The high -quality impregnating agents and special additives in Lithofin Vlekstop Plus not only ensure that your surfaces continue to look at their best, but also help prevent stains and fading. Moreover, the color -deepening effect strengthens the natural beauty of your stone surfaces. Whether you want to protect your investment or just keep your home or office at its best, Lithofin Vlekstop Plus is the perfect solution.

  • Make your stone surfaces look at their best
  • Protect your investment with our spot stop plus solution
  • High -quality impregnating agents and special additives
  • Color -deepening effect improves the natural beauty of your stone surfaces

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A special impregnation product that enhances the color and structure of natural stone.
For ceramic tiles, natural stone such as granite, gneiss, quartzite, slate and limestone.
Apply the product with a brush, mop or cloth and let it absorb.
Mainly for absorbent materials such as rough to polished natural stone.
Allow the product to absorb and repeat if necessary within 5 minutes.
Store closed, cool and dry. It can be stored for about 2 years.
It contains solvents but is free of chlorinated hydrocarbons.
Consumption varies, for example 10-15 m²/liter for polished granite.
Available at specialist stores and online.
Yes, the acid sensitivity of limestone and marble remains after treatment with this product.