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Lithofin MN Easy-Clean: Easy Cleaning for Natural Stone

Lithofin MN Easy-Clean is your ideal partner for easy and effective cleaning of natural stone surfaces. Whether you have marble, granite, travertine, or any other type of natural stone, this cleaner makes cleaning a breeze.

Removes Dirt and Stains

This cleaner removes dirt, stains, and light soiling from your natural stone, leaving the surface clean and fresh. It restores the original shine of your stone.

Safe and Gentle

Lithofin MN Easy-Clean is gentle and safe to use. It does not contain harsh chemicals that could damage your natural stone. You can clean with peace of mind.

Easy to Use

With clear instructions on the packaging, this cleaner is simple to apply. You do not need professional experience to maintain your natural stone.

Suitable for Various Natural Stones

Lithofin MN Easy-Clean is suitable for use on various types of natural stone, making it a versatile choice for all your stone surfaces.

Invest in easy cleaning for your natural stone with Lithofin MN Easy-Clean and enjoy a clean and radiant appearance of your surfaces. Order now and experience the convenience of effective cleaning!

Lithofin MN Easy-Clean provides easy and effective cleaning for your natural stone surfaces. Order today to maintain the beauty of your stone!

  • Clean your surfaces in seconds
  • Easily remove dirt, oil, and grease
  • Maintain the protective impregnation of your surfaces

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A ready-to-use cleaning product for kitchen countertops and other stone surfaces.
Suitable for marble, natural stone, and concrete in kitchens and sanitary areas.
Spray the product onto the surface and wipe it off with a cloth.
Yes, it is safe for places where food is prepared.
Yes, it disperses a pleasant odor.
Approximately 20m² per bottle.
Yes, the surfactants are biodegradable.
Cool and closed, maximum shelf life of 3 years.
Yes, it is suitable for daily cleaning.
Available at and specialized stores.