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Lithofin KF HyClean: For Thorough Cleaning and Long-Lasting Protection

Lithofin KF HyClean offers not just a deep clean for your tile and natural stone surfaces but also long-lasting protection against dirt and stains. It's the perfect choice for those who value both cleanliness and a durable appearance.

Effective Removal of Dirt and Grease

This cleaner is formulated to effectively remove even the most stubborn dirt, grease, and stains. It restores the original appearance of your surfaces.

Long-Lasting Protection

Lithofin KF HyClean applies a protective layer to your tiles and natural stone, making them less prone to new contamination. This ensures long-lasting and durable protection.

Easy to Use

With clear instructions on the packaging, this cleaner is easy to apply. You can confidently clean and protect your surfaces.

Suitable for Various Surfaces

This cleaner is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, including ceramic tiles, natural stone, and artificial stone. It's versatile and effective in restoring and protecting your surfaces.

Invest in a clean and durable appearance with Lithofin KF HyClean. Order now and experience the power of thorough cleaning and long-lasting protection!

Lithofin KF HyClean offers thorough cleaning and long-lasting protection for your surfaces. Order today for a clean and durable living environment!

  • Keeps your countertop clean and sparkling
  • Removes cooking residues, grease splatters, and oil in minutes
  • Comes in a convenient 500 ml spray bottle
  • Suitable for all ceramic countertops

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A maintenance spray specially developed for cleaning ceramic countertops.
For removing cooking residues, grease splashes and oil from ceramic kitchen worktops.
Spray the product on the countertop, let it work for a while and wipe it clean with a cloth.
Yes, it is safe to use in food preparation areas.
Yes, it is suitable for daily use.
Yes, it does not leave streaks after cleaning.
Available in a handy 500 ml spray bottle.
The product may have a mild odor.
Store it in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight.