Lithofin FUGEX

Lithofin FUGEX

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Lithofin FUGEX: The Perfect Solution for Clean and Fresh Grout

Lithofin FUGEX is the ideal solution for cleaning and renewing grout. Whether you're dealing with dirty, discolored grout in the kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere in the house, this cleaner offers the perfect solution.

Removes Stubborn Dirt and Stains

This grout cleaner is specially formulated to effectively remove stubborn dirt, mold, and stains. It restores the original color of the grout and gives it a fresh appearance.

Easy to Use

Lithofin FUGEX is user-friendly, with clear instructions on the packaging. You don't need to be a professional tile cleaner to achieve excellent results.

Suitable for Various Grout Materials

This cleaner is suitable for different types of grout materials, including cementitious and epoxy grouts. It is versatile and effective in restoring the grout in your home.

Invest in the Appearance of Your Tiles Clean and fresh grout contributes to the overall appearance of your tiles. With Lithofin FUGEX, you're investing in maintaining the quality and beauty of your tile surfaces.

Restore the freshness of your grout with Lithofin FUGEX. Order now and see the difference!

Lithofin FUGEX offers a simple and effective way to clean and renew grout. Order today for a fresh look in your home!

  • Suitable for ceramic tiles, natural stone, and concrete stone
  • Gel form for easy application
  • Acid-free

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A specialized cleaner for removing resin grout residue.
For removing one- and two-component resin grout residues from surfaces.
It is suitable for concrete stone, limestone and other similar surfaces.
Depending on the type of grout, the product is used diluted or undiluted.
Avoid contact with solvent-sensitive surfaces and living areas.
The application time varies depending on the persistence of the residue.
Rinse the surface with plenty of water after the exposure time.
It does not contain hydrogen chloride, but does contain organic solvents.
Keep it closed and cool, shelf life up to 2 years.
Availability can be checked with local distributors or on specialist websites.