Blanchon Parket Oil Environment
Blanchon Parket Oil Environment

Blanchon Parket Oil Environment

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Blanchon Parket Oil Environment: Sustainable Beauty for Your Floor

A Revolution in Floor Maintenance

Blanchon Parket Oil Environment is a breakthrough for anyone looking to protect and enhance their parquet floors in an environmentally friendly way. With its low VOC percentage and compliance with the European Ecolabel, this parquet oil meets the highest environmental criteria. It's not only friendly to humans and the environment but also easy to use, making it the perfect choice for the demanding user.

Operation of Parket Oil Environment

This innovative parquet oil emphasizes the natural color of all types of wood and provides durable protection against wear. The product is easy to apply directly to the wood, without polishing. Additionally, it's particularly maintenance- and renovation-friendly, meaning you don't need a buffing machine for maintenance or local renovation. This makes Blanchon Parket Oil Environment not only practical but also time-saving.

Benefits and Features

In addition to its environmental friendliness, Blanchon Parket Oil Environment offers numerous benefits. It's odorless, making it suitable for use in inhabited spaces, and it dries quickly, allowing the areas to be reused shortly after application. Available in five shades, including natural ultramat and oak, it allows you to customize the appearance of your floor to your personal preference.

Instructions for Use

For best results, the floor should be clean, dry, and sanded before application. The parquet oil can be easily applied with a roller, brush, or spalter and requires no dilution. For a perfect finish, it's recommended to apply three fine coats, with each coat lightly sanded after about 1 hour of drying time to remove minor imperfections.

Maintenance and Renovation

Regular maintenance can be carried out with a vacuum cleaner or mop and Blanchon powerful cleaner, natural soap for oiled parquet, or Lagoon® for a dust-repellent result. For more intensive cleaning or local renovation, Blanchon offers specific products that ensure a harmonious and sustainable result.

  • Low VOC percentage and European Ecolabel certification
  • Enhances and protects all types of wood
  • Odorless and quick drying for easy use
  • Simple maintenance and dust-repellent properties
  • Available in five gorgeous shades