Blanchon Hard Wax Oil

Blanchon Hard Wax Oil

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Blanchon Hard Wax Oil: Natural Protection and Beauty

What is Blanchon Hard Wax Oil?

Blanchon Hard Wax Oil is a specially designed product for deep penetration and long-lasting protection of solid wood, veneer, parquet, plank flooring, and cork, preserving the natural aspect and flexibility of the wood. This product, suitable for indoor use, enhances every wood type by emphasizing its natural color and offers a variety of decorative effects with a very beautiful silky appearance.

How Blanchon Hard Wax Oil Works

Blanchon Hard Wax Oil combines the deep penetration of oil with the protective properties of wax, creating a durable protective layer that is dust-repellent and easy to maintain. The product is available in both a natural (colorless) version and in 14 different shades, allowing you to customize your floor to your personal style and interior.

Benefits and Features

This hard wax oil is easy to apply to all common wood types and simple to maintain with Blanchon Maintenance Oil. It offers dust-repellent properties and long-lasting protection, while simultaneously allowing the wood to breathe and highlighting its natural beauty. The versatility and ease of use make it an ideal choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Instructions for Use

Before applying Blanchon Hard Wax Oil, the wood must be clean, dry, and sanded. The product is ready for use and can be directly applied with a brush, roller, or spatula in the direction of the wood. For optimal finishing and protection, apply two coats, with a drying time of 8 to 12 hours between coats.

Maintenance and Renovation

The surface treated with Blanchon Hard Wax Oil can be easily maintained with a neutral detergent and regularly dusted with a broom or vacuum cleaner. For more intensive maintenance or renovation, Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil can be used to enhance protection and restore shine.

  • Deep protection that preserves the natural appearance of the wood
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Available in colorless and 14 shades for various effects
  • Dust-repellent for a consistently clean result
  • Ideal for all wood types indoors