Blanchon Cleaner Lisabril

Blanchon Cleaner Lisabril

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Blanchon Cleaner Lisabril®: For Clean and Vibrant Floors

Optimal Maintenance with Blanchon Cleaner Lisabril®

Blanchon Cleaner Lisabril® is the ideal maintenance product for regular use on all varnished parquet, laminate, and plastic floors. This neutral detergent is specially designed not only to clean and degrease but also to revitalise the floors without leaving any marks. Its formula, adapted for large surfaces and floors that are intensively walked on, makes it perfect for use in gymnastics and sports halls. Additionally, Cleaner Lisabril® maintains the effect of metalizing agents such as BLANCHON POLISH PROTECTOR SATIN or MAT (Métamat®), without damaging the varnish layer.

How Cleaner Lisabril® Works

Cleaner Lisabril® cleans, degreases, and ensures clean surfaces without leaving any streaks. The product is ideal for revitalising glossy, satin, matte, ultra-matte, rough wood, natural wood, or invisibly varnished parquet floors. Its unique composition makes it easy to apply with a microfiber brush and does not require rinsing, making maintenance quick and efficient.

Benefits and Features

The main advantages of Blanchon Cleaner Lisabril® lie in its environmental friendliness and ease of use. The product offers a pleasant smell and is ideal for the maintenance of floors that should not become slippery. It is a concentrate to be diluted, making it very economical in use, with a consumption of 250 to 500 m2/L. Cleaner Lisabril® is safe for varnished or metalized parquet floors and can also be used on hard floors such as marble and tiles.

Instructions for Use

To use Blanchon Cleaner Lisabril®, dilute 1 glass (100 ml) of the product in 5 L of lukewarm water. Then, wipe the floor damp with a well-wrung microfiber cloth, sponge brush, or mop. Ensure only lightly moistened cleaning material is used and do not exceed the recommended dose to avoid streaks. After use, the tools should be cleaned with water.

Maintenance and Renovation

For normal cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner, broom, or wool cloth. Regular damp wiping with well-wrung material to which Cleaner Lisabril® has been added ensures a continuously clean and fresh appearance of your floors. Occasionally, a layer of BLANCHON POLISH PROTECTOR can be applied to keep the surface impeccable.

  • Neutral detergent that prevents slipping
  • Leaves a pleasant smell and requires no rinsing
  • Ideal for gymnastics halls and sports halls
  • Concentrate to be diluted for economical use
  • Maintains the effect of metalizing agents without damaging the varnish layer