Oli Natura Wood Soap

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Oli Natura Wood Soap: Gentle Care for Your Wooden Floors

What is Oli Natura Wood Soap

Oli Natura Wood Soap is a mild, soap-based cleaning concentrate developed for the regular cleaning of wooden surfaces treated with Scandic-Oil. This soap is known for its pleasant fragrance and the ability to clean the floor quickly and effectively while keeping the wood hydrated without drying out.

How the Product Works

The soap works by dissolving dirt while simultaneously maintaining the wood's natural oil balance. This ensures a clean surface without compromising the protective oil layer. The moisturizing properties help keep the floor looking beautiful and protected against everyday wear and tear.

Benefits and Properties

Oli Natura Wood Soap is extremely economical to use; a small amount of soap can cover a large area. The product is ideal for frequent use and helps extend the lifespan of your wooden floors. Additionally, the soap is environmentally friendly and safe for daily use.

Instructions for Use

Shake the bottle well before use. Mix 50 ml of soap with 10 liters of water for cleaning the floor. Apply the soap solution with a slightly damp mop and wipe the surface clean. For stubborn stains, an undiluted amount can be applied directly to the stain.


Oli Natura Wood Soap offers an effective and safe method for maintaining your wooden floors. It is an essential product for anyone who wants to keep their floor naturally beautiful.

  • Provides a deep clean without drying out the wood.
  • Extends the floor's lifespan by protecting against wear and tear.
  • Economical and efficient to use, supports frequent maintenance.

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Oli Natura Wood Soap is a mild cleaning agent specially developed for the regular cleaning of oiled wooden surfaces.
Mix 50 ml of soap with 10 liters of water. Use a slightly damp mop to apply the solution and wipe the surface clean.
Yes, it is suitable for all oiled wooden surfaces.
Use the soap regularly for the best maintenance of your wooden floor.
The soap cleans effectively, maintains the natural oil balance of the wood, and prevents drying out.
The consumption is approximately 15-30 m² per liter.
Yes, the soap is environmentally friendly and safe for daily use.
Yes, for stubborn stains, undiluted soap can be applied directly to the stain and left to work for a few minutes.
You can buy the product at Vloerproducten.eu.
Store the soap in a cool, dry place, protected from direct sunlight and frost.