Oli Natura Scandic Oil

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Looking for an oil that protects your wooden surfaces and has them retained their natural beauty? Look no further than Oli-Natura Scandic-Oil! This solvent -free oil offers an invisible basic treatment for oak and other light woods, giving them maximum protection against water, dirt and wear. The easy to apply oil dries quickly and leaves a pleasant scent, making it a favorite with both woodworkers and homeowners. Moreover, environmental friendliness makes it a great choice for those who want to make their house greener. So why wait? Get Oli-Natura Scandic-Oil in the house today and see the difference in your woodwork!


Sand until the wood is clean, finishing with grit 120-150. For furniture, finish with grit 150-240. The surface must be dry, clean, free of oil, grease and dust before Scandic-Oil can be applied. Optimal processing conditions are: + 20 °C ambient temperature and 50% relative humidity in the room. Apply material at room temperature and shake well before use. Apply the oil to small areas at a time (5-10m²) at a time, using a microphase roller or an oil brush. PLEASE NOTE: The entire surfaces are well coated with Scandic-Oil. Apply the Scandic-Oil in the direction of the wood grain. Approximately 10 minutes after application, the Scandic-Oil should be rubbed with the white scrubbing pad, this can be done manually or mechanically until a matt result is achieved. Do not allow the Scandic-Oil to work slowly. Remove excess Scandic-Oil manually with a cotton cloth. Allow the surface to dry for one hour and repeat this process one more time.
approx. 60-80 gr / m² per layer (1 liter is sufficient for approx. 12-15 m² per layer).
After one hour of drying time the surface is dust dry, after two hours of drying time the surface can be walked on gently and after approximately five days the Scandic-Oil has completely hardened. Drying times depend on the relative humidity and temperature in the room.
This product can be purchased on Vloerproducten.eu. For best results, always follow instructions when using.
In the Netherlands and Belgium, all Oli Natura products can be purchased at Vloerproducten.eu