Lithofin Rost-EX

Lithofin Rost-Ex

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If you are looking for a powerful cleaner that can remove rust spots and residues from other metal oxides, look no further than Lithofin Rost-Ex. This cleaner is also very suitable for marble and limestone surfaces such as Arduin. In addition, the outside brown discolorations removes lithofin rost-ex is suitable for all vowels and ceramic surfaces, natural stone such as marble, limestone, granite, gneis, quartzite, concrete and concrete stone. So regardless of the type of surface you are dealing with, this cleaner will not ruin the job ugly rust spots the appearance of your surfaces. Get a bottle of Lithofin Rost-Ex today and let those stains disappear!

  • Remove rust spots with only one product
  • Remove metal oxides in a few minutes
  • Stop scrubbing and start cleaning
  • Protect your surfaces against discoloration

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A mild alkaline cleaning agent for removing rust stains and metal oxides.
For removing rust stains on various surfaces such as natural stone, concrete, and ceramic tiles.
Apply the product to the stain, let it work and then rinse with water.
Yes, it is safe for use on natural stone, including marble, limestone, granite, gneiss and quartzite.
It starts working within minutes; the total processing time may vary.
About 10 m²/L.
Yes, the tensides in the product are biodegradable.
Store it cool, dark and closed, and use within 1 year.
Yes, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Available at specialist stores and online.