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Forbo Cleaner: Daily Shine and Protection for Your Floor

Forbo Cleaner 816 is a daily cleaning product designed for the care of linoleum and vinyl floors. This pH-neutral product, when combined with water, offers gentle yet effective cleaning, suitable for all water-resistant floor types. With Forbo Cleaner 816, your floor will shine and be protected from everyday dirt every day.

How the Product Works

This cleaner is a solution of detergents in water, ideal for daily use. It effectively removes dirt and is gentle on the floor, thanks to its pH-neutral formula. Suitable for a wide range of water-resistant floors, Forbo Cleaner 816 ensures a safe and thorough cleaning.

Benefits and Features

Forbo Cleaner 816 is not only gentle on your floors but also on the environment, as it contains no non-biodegradable substances. These properties make it a responsible choice for daily cleaning, preserving the natural beauty of the floor without the risk of damage.

Instructions for Use

Mix 2 capfuls of Forbo Cleaner 816 with 5 liters of water for optimal cleaning of your water-resistant floors. This simple dosing ensures an effective and safe cleaning routine, ideal for daily use.

  • Designed for linoleum and vinyl floors.
  • pH-neutral for gentle yet effective cleaning.
  • Suitable for all water-resistant floors.
  • Contains no non-biodegradable substances, environmentally friendly.
  • Simple dosing: 2 caps to 5 liters of water.


Forbo Polish is a high-quality floor polish designed to protect linoleum, vinyl, and Marmoleum floors and give them a glossy finish. It seals the floor against dirt and stains and makes future cleaning easier.
Ensure the floor is clean and dry. Apply Forbo Polish evenly with a clean mop or cloth. Allow the product to dry before applying a second coat for an extra glossy finish.
Forbo Polish is specifically developed for use on Forbo linoleum, vinyl, and Marmoleum floors. It is not recommended for use on other types of floors without prior advice from a specialist.
The treatment frequency may vary depending on the traffic intensity and desired maintenance level. On average, a treatment is recommended every 6 to 12 months.
Yes, Forbo Polish is water-based and does not contain harmful solvents, making it safe for use in home environments with children and pets.
Regular use of Forbo Polish protects the floor against wear, scratches, and stains, contributing to a longer lifespan and maintaining the original appearance.
Forbo Polish is available at specialized flooring stores, some online retailers, and directly through Forbo's official website or sales outlets.
Yes, Forbo Polish leaves a thin, glossy layer that protects the floor and gives it a renewed appearance.
Yes, but it is important to thoroughly clean and dry the floor before applying Forbo Polish. Use compatible cleaning products to prevent chemical reactions.
Store Forbo Polish in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children and pets to maintain its quality.