Douwes Dekker Laminate Cleaner

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Douwes Dekker Laminate Cleaner: Effective cleaning for your laminate floor

What is Douwes Dekker Laminate Cleaner

Douwes Dekker Laminate Cleaner is a specially developed, neutral cleaner for laminate floors. This product is perfect to use in combination with Douwes Dekker flooring products, providing effective cleaning without damaging or drying out the floor. The laminate cleaner is ideal for daily use and maintains the natural appearance of your floor.

How the product works

This laminate cleaner effectively removes dirt and stains without affecting the floor. It is easy to apply and dries quickly without leaving streaks. Regular use of this product helps extend the life of your laminate floor by keeping it clean and fresh.

Benefits and properties

Douwes Dekker Laminate Cleaner is a safe and reliable choice for your laminate floors. It is a neutral cleaner that not only cleans but also cares for the floor without using harmful chemicals. The cleaner leaves a pleasant scent and is suitable for frequent use.

Instructions for use

For best results, dilute the cleaner with water according to the recommended ratio and apply with a slightly damp cloth or mop. Wipe or mop the floor evenly without leaving excessive moisture. Ensure the floor is completely dry after cleaning.


Douwes Dekker Laminate Cleaner is your ideal solution for daily cleaning of laminate floors. It supports the durability of your floor and keeps it in optimal condition without extra effort.

  • Easy to use and quick-drying for daily cleaning.
  • Provides streak-free shine and maintains the natural look.
  • Safe for all types of laminate and frequent use.


Douwes Dekker Laminate Cleaner is a specially developed cleaner for laminate floors that can be used by both consumers and professionals.
Add the cleaner to water according to the instructions on the package and use a damp mop or cloth to clean the floor.
Yes, but ensure the product is kept out of reach of children and the floor is completely dry before children or pets walk on it.
The product is specifically developed for laminate floors; use on other types of floors may yield different results.
The cleaner contains substances like methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone which may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.
Follow the dosage instructions on the package for the correct amount of cleaner per bucket of water.
Store the cleaner in a cool, well-ventilated place and protect it from freezing.
Rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor if irritation persists.
When used correctly according to the instructions, the cleaner will not cause stains or damage. Avoid excessive wetting of the floor.
The cleaner contains biodegradable substances and meets the requirements for environmentally friendly cleaning agents.