Boneco air washer W 400

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Boneco air washer W 400 is the perfect way to keep your indoor air healthy and comfortable. This innovative device moistens and cleans the air in your home, office or bedroom, using a rotating, plastic evaporation mat that ensures water evaporation without lime. While the mat rotates, it absorbs water from the reservoir and gives off water vapor to the air, while he also flushes particles such as pollen and house dust from the air. This evaporation filter is easy to clean, making it a low -maintenance option to maintain air quality indoors. The Air Washer is also effective against drying out parquet and wood, and can help relieve asthma and allergies. It is ideal for rooms up to 60 m² (150 m³) and forms a great addition to every room where you want to improve air quality.

The Boneco W400 air washer provides a healthy humidity and clean air in every living room, bedroom or small office up to 60 m²/150 m³. Ideal for people with asthma, allergies or respiratory problems. The humidifier also prevents the becoming too dry and cracks of parquet.

Boneco air washer W 400 is a powerful and user -friendly air cleaner that is perfect for keeping and moistened your home or office environment. With a water tank of 12 liters, the W400 can run for hours without having to be topped up, and with the Boneco app it is easy to operate with the modi car, sleep or baby. The easy -to -clean design means that you can simply rinse the water tank and refresh the water regularly, and the washable parts can even be cleaned in the dishwasher. For extra safety and cleanliness, the W400 is also equipped with an Ionic Silver stick that keeps the evaporated water bacteria -free.

  • • Humidifier and air cleaner in one device
  • • For living room, bedroom or small office up to 60 m²/150 m³
  • • Luchtmentiging with 2 positions (day / night)
  • • Output approx. 400 ml/h
  • • Content water reservoir 4.5 liters and tank of 7.5 liters
  • • Easy to operate via the Boneco app (Bluetooth) or by hand.
  • • Extra functions via the app. Car, sleep, or baby and timer function.
  • • Easy to clean, various parts are dishwasher resistant
  • • Sound whisper quiet, in position 1 <25 dB (A)
  • • Distributing scent oil is possible
  • • Colour White
  • • Consumption only 13 to 30 watts

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