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Blanchon Solid'Oil™: A Layer for Deep Protection

Introduction of Solid'Oil™

Blanchon Solid'Oil™ is an innovative single-coat hardwax oil, specially developed to impregnate indoor parquet and wooden floors with protection. This product, containing 100% dry extract, consists entirely of oils, providing exceptional coverage and durable protection against dust and moisture. Solid'Oil™ is ideal for creating unprecedented decorative effects and ensures easy maintenance and quick restoration.

How Solid'Oil™ Works

The unique formula of Solid'Oil™ forms an interactive network with the wood fibers, allowing it to penetrate deeply into the parquet, nourishing and protecting it. Suitable for all European wood species and most exotic wood species, Solid'Oil™ emphasizes the warmth of the wood with its traditional matte nuance. Thanks to its high concentration, Solid'Oil™ ensures that most hard wood species are impregnated in a single coat.

Benefits and Features

Solid'Oil™ offers optimal protection thanks to the synergy of three vegetable oils. It is available in nine base colors, and through simple mixing, an infinite range of shades can be created, ranging from natural to dark black. Solid'Oil™ is ready to use and can be mixed with a specific hardener if desired to accelerate drying time or increase durability on heavily trafficked floors.

Instructions for Use

For the application of Solid'Oil™, the parquet must be completely dry and clean. The product should be shaken well before use. It can be applied directly with a brush, roller, or spatula, followed by slow polishing with a buffing machine and a beige pad. This process evens out the applied layer and gives the parquet its final color and appearance.

Maintenance and Renovation

Regular maintenance of floors treated with Solid'Oil™ can be easily done with a broom or vacuum cleaner, and any stains and scratches are easy to remove. For thorough cleaning or localized renovation, Blanchon offers specific products that ensure a harmonious and durable result.

  • Impregnates and colors in one coat
  • Very high resistance and exceptional coverage
  • Durable protection against dust and moisture
  • Easy maintenance and quick restoration
  • Suitable for all European wood species