Remove rust spots with Lithofin

Roestvlekken Verwijderen Met Lithofin

Have you ever looked down and seen a rust spot on your tile? Ugly hey luckily it is also relatively easy to remove. In this blog post we will teach you how to remove rust spots with Lithofin. Read on for more information!

Rust removing tiles

If you have rust spots on your tiles as a result of barbecuing, metal garden chairs or a leaking heating, don't worry! Removing rust from tiles is actually very simple, and 95% of the rust stains can be removed with the correct advice. First identify the source of the rust spot and remove it if possible.

If the rust spot is small, you can try to scrub it with a soft brush and some mild cleaning agent. For larger rust spots you might have to use a stronger cleaning agent.

How do the rust spots arise in the tiles?

Rust spots on tiles can be difficult to remove without the correct means. The cause of the stains are often iron particles in the soil or ferrous fertilizers used in the garden.

Rust spots can also be caused by metal legs of garden furniture or by rusty water from the central heating. If you have rust spots on your tiles, there are a few things you can do to remove them. One possibility is the use of one of a commercial rust remover. Make sure you first try it out in an inconspicuous place to make sure that it does not damage your tiles.

How do you Lithofin Use rost-ex to remove rust from tiles?

Removing rust from tiles can be a difficult process, but Lithofin Rost-ex is up to the task. The product is applied undiluted to the dry surface and slightly in brushed. The purple color of the product indicates the start of the rost-ex effect. It is important that the product has 5-10 minutes to work in.

Do not let the product dry out, add a little water or if necessary Lithofin My dirt solver To keep it moist. After 5-10 minutes, brush the Lithofin Rost-Ex and wash the surface. Rinse well with water. Repeat the process if necessary. It is important to note that the application time may not exceed 10 minutes, because this could damage the surface.

The best way to remove rust from tiles is with Lithofin Rost-Ex. This product is easy to use and makes your tiles look like new. If you have rust spots on your tile, you should definitely Lithofin Try rost-ex. With a little care and attention, your tiles can quickly look like new again!

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