The many benefits of Lecol OH-25 Conditioner for your oiled wooden floor

De vele voordelen van Lecol OH-25 Conditioner voor uw geoliede houten vloer

If you're looking for a way to protect and enhance your oiled wood floor, look no further. Lecol OH-25 Conditioner offers exceptional protection and lasting beauty that is sure to impress. Using this specialized formula not only gives your floor an extra layer of resilience against scratches, but also enhances the natural color of your wood, creates a beautiful shine and prevents discoloration over time. With these amazing benefits, there's no question why so many homeowners have switched to Lecol ! Read on to learn more about why this conditioner is one of the best for treating and maintaining oiled wood floors.

It protects and nourishes your wooden floor

Protecting your wood floor is one of the best ways to ensure it lasts for several years. Applying a conditioner regularly will ensure that the wood does not dry out, as it is very susceptible to absorbing moisture once it has lost its natural oils. When mopping with water, using a pre-conditioner can have significant benefits for your floor - without a conditioner, the remaining moisture would quickly soak into the wood, eventually leading to discoloration or warping. So if you use the Lecol OH-25 Conditioner you are in an excellent position to keep your beautiful wooden floors beautiful for years to come!

It repairs any damage

The Lecol OH-25 Conditioner is a unique product, with one of its most beneficial features being an oil-based conditioner. This has a positive advantage over regular conditioners as it actually helps repair minor scratches and marks. The results speak for themselves - with the Lecol OH-25 conditioner nine times out of ten those unsightly scratches that mar the surface of your furniture will disappear! While this may sound too good to be true, the effectiveness of this product has resulted in many satisfied customers. If you want to make your furniture or floors beautiful again while maintaining their original quality and integrity, the Lecol OH-25 conditioner is definitely worth it!

It prevents the floor from creaking

The creaking of a floor can be caused by 2 ways, 1: the floor is too tight against the wall, 2: the floor is dried out. Because the conditioner keeps the floor nourished, this prevents creaking.

It makes the floor easier to keep clean

The creaking of a floor has two causes. First, the floor can be too tight against the wall, creating friction that leads to a chattering sound with every footstep. Second, when the floorboards are dried out and free of moisture, they can shrink and expand, creating an audible creak. Well-conditioned floorboards do not experience this phenomenon, as the conditioner keeps them nourished and prevents cracks due to lack of moisture. In any case, creaking floors can indicate underlying problems that need to be addressed quickly for safety reasons.

It gives a matte finish

You don't have to worry about overexerting yourself when scrubbing your floors. By using the oil-based Lecol Conditioner you will not get a smooth and shiny surface like in a dance hall. This is especially useful if you want to keep the natural look of your floor or add a subtle depth of texture while still providing strong wear protection.


Lecol OH-25 Conditioner has a specialized formula that protects and enhances the beauty of oiled wooden floors.


Lecol OH-25 Conditioner
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